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Is your team with you as your get back into business?

As lockdown eases, you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all the guidance and advice being thrown your way. But at least you have the logistical and physical needs of getting back into business sorted. At least, you think so. But are you confident you truly know how your employees are feeling or what they really need as you reset or rebuild your business?

With intentional and authentically caring actions, leaders can make a disproportionately high impact on returning productivity and engagement levels across their teams.

From my many years of experiencing and leading change, here are my thoughts on three differentiating actions you can take that will make an impactful difference:

1: Communicate consistently and engage. And be genuine and personal in the way you do it. People do not just want to be communicated to; they want to be engaged. This means inclusive encouragement to participate in dialogue and plenty of active listening.

2: Let employees know that you are putting safety first above profits, and that you truly have their health and wellbeing at the centre of your decision making.

3: Support your leaders and managers with new skills and the HR support they need to manage unchartered waters. Equip them with the tools they will need to best support their own teams.

I’m curious… do these resonate?

What other key actions would you recommend?

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