Delivery and success 

Case studies


Consulting – Global Oil & Gas company

Business expectation

Amidst a changing organisational landscape, across the board cost cutting and inefficient learning and development processes, there was a need to rethink how to build capability for a sustainable future.

Business solution

I engaged with the team to input expertise and strategic thinking to the change programme.

Successful outcome

Introducing a reframed staged model, which resulted in gaining full support from the executive leadership for implementation, and a request to lead on the implementation.

"Anne's thought leadership was instrumental in both the conception and execution of a capability model to make the change program successful."
- VP, Energy Co

Consulting – Global Performance Improvement Company

Business expectation

To respond to one of their largest clients with a modern approach, the highest level of quality and customer service. The dispersed structure of the company provided great access to global resources but as each centre worked fairly independently, levels of quality and customer service were variable.

Business solution

I worked closely with my client and their client to understand the landscape, processes and roles together with analysing feedback data. Managing a pilot team to test recommendations I successfully gained broad support. I facilitated the development of a common process, built into a Playbook for all to use and facilitated the development of a virtual induction programme to onboard the new team.

Successful outcome

Dispersed teams came together as one.  A new quality process was introduced. The team developed deeper engagement and trust from the client to deliver quality products.

“Anne brought a calm sensibility, confidence, and great sense of humour to our engagement. I would welcome Anne on any team or engagement that I'm a part of!!”
– Global Head of Design Strategy & Consulting

Coaching Testimonials

"These coaching sessions have really helped me to move forwards in pursuing my aims in a clear structured way, giving me the ability to think more clearly about prioritisation and areas that will make the most difference"
- Business owner
"Anne’s coaching style has empowered me to move forward in a way that works for me, and has lowered my stress levels in potentially stressful situations. As a consequence I believe my impact on others (both my team at work, and family at home) has been more positive."
- Corporate executive
"Anne is absolutely excellent at listening with genuine interest. She strikes a great balance because at appropriate moments she also shared her own insights, observations and experience with me, in a way that really helped me develop my own ideas further."
- Business owner